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Consider This With Pastor John – 10/01/12

I was moved the other day while reflecting on a popular devotional
—Hi this is Pastor John from 1049 The River.

Peace, I mean real peace seems to be a rare commodity these days.  So many issues, problems, troubles and trials. How can I stay tapped into the peace of Jesus during those times?  The devotional described a trip a couple took to the upper peninsula of Michigan where they noticed leaves on the tree moving in a unique kind of way.  The leaves where fluttering dramatically despite the lack of much of a breeze, while all the other trees with leaves were still.  These trees, interestingly are called Quaking Aspens.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like a Quaking Aspen.  While many people seem to be quite steady, calm and secure, sometimes the smallest issue, trouble or trial can unsettle my heart.  I too, marvel, and sometimes envy those who stay calm during turbulent times.  Peace and calm CAN happen.

The Bible tells us that the Lord of peace himself can give us peace always in every way.  This week, I pray that we can all find that calm and peace as we might be navigating down the stream of turbulent waters.

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