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Consider This With Pastor John – 10/15/12

Hi, this is Pastor John with another “Consider This.”  A number of years ago Runner’s World Magazine featured a story about Beth Anne DeCianti’s attempt to qualify for the Olympic Trials.  A female, at the time to get qualified, had to run 2:45. Beth started strong but had trouble at mile 23.  She reached the final straightaway at 2:43—two minutes left to qualify.  She stumbled and fell.  Dazed, she stayed down for 20 seconds; all the while the crowd was yelling for her to get up…2:44…less than a minute to go. She staggered to her feet and began walking.

With just 5 yards to the finish line she fell again and crawled to a 2:44:57 Olympic qualifying time.  You may be one of the 17,000 runners running the upcoming Columbus Marathon -Our hope is that you would preserver and run well-Perhaps the difficult race you are currently running isn’t ‘literal running’ but is a “marathon like” situation in your marriage or a friendship, your job, child-rearing, a health problem, finding God’s will or feeling weighed down by stress—Hebrews 12:1 reminds us to run the race we are running, as followers of Jesus, with perseverance and never give up.

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