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Consider This with Pastor John – 10/24/12

On Nov. 1st, many Christian denominations will recognize All Saints Day.
Check this out…This is kinda cute:
A youth pastor told the little kids they could come for a fall bash at the church but they should dress up as one of the Saints.

So the kids arrive – there’s a little boy dressed up as St. Paul, St. Joseph, a little girl as St. Teresa of Avila – and then there’s this kid in a dog costume.

The youth pastor asks “Where’s your saint costume?”

The little boy replies: “I’m SAINT BERNARD!”


Hi this is Pastor John.  Although some faith traditions place some people on a higher plane and call them a saint, Biblically speaking, all who confessed their sins, turned from evil and ask Jesus to forgive them are clearly called saints.  So celebrate a day for the saints.  Gather your church, your family and friends for a special meal or prayer time.  Take a moment and be thankful that you are a saint because of the grace of God through the redemptive sacrificial work of His Son Jesus who loved you so much that he spread his arms out on a cross and died for you.  Ask God to give you strength to stay faithful as a saint.

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