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Consider This with Pastor John 5/31/12

Here’s the lighter side of communicating the importance of repentance.  Hi this is Pastor John from1049 The River with another consider this.

There was a painter who was thrifty yet always looking to make an extra buck where he could. To stretch out his paint supplies he’d often thin down his paint.  Historically he got away with this, but eventually the big Methodist Church in town decided to go forward with their restoration project.  The painter put in his bid and won the job because his price was so low.  And so he got busy setting up the scaffolding, buying the paint and yes, thinning it down with plenty of turpentine.  As the job was nearly completed, the pounding sounds of thunder rolled in with quite a storm.  The driving rain washed the thinned paint from all over the church.  The painter pulled a drop cloth over him and looked at the church and his wasted effort.  He knew this was a judgment from Almighty God. So, he got on his knees and cried, “Oh Lord forgive me!”  What should I do now?  And from the thunder a mighty voice spoke and said “repaint, repaint! And thin no more!

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