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Consider This with Pastor John 7/27/12

I’m letting the cat out of the bag. Mary from the morning show is running the Columbus ½ marathon and I’m running the full marathon on Oct 21st.  You can actually run with us; we’re calling ourselves the River Runners- our sponsor this year are the terrific folks at Columbus Running Co.  To register to run with Mary or Pastor John along with more details; visit the website at 1049TheRiver.

The next couple of months I’ll be focusing my devotional blasts of truth on running.  Truth is we are all running life’s race.  A marathon is not meant to be run like a 100 meter dash…no; life is a marathon which must be paced.  If you’ve ever run a ½ or full marathon you know it’s not easy.  There are ups and downs, doubts, struggles and sometimes you experience the runners high. In running there are injuries and disappointments; you may fall, you may twist an ankle, you may have an Achilles issue, runner’s knee, hamstring issues, the dreaded plantar fasciitis or shinsplints. To be sure; at the end of the day, it’s always a joy to have preserved and finished

If you’d like prayer, or just someone to talk to, even about running, email

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