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Consider This with Pastor John 8/3/12

Hi, this is Pastor John with another consider this:

I have a fairly severe case of plantar fasciitis. Basically, I am suffering from pain in the bottom of my foot and heel.  This has caused some obstacles in returning to regular running.  The sports doc is treating me and believes with some physical therapy, orthotic and cross training, I can successfully participate in the Columbus marathon. Thankfully, our friends at the Columbus Running Co. will specially fit me with good running shoes.

Sometimes our “apple cart” is upset and we may have been headed to our destination only to find out we have to stop and pick up the apples and fix the wheel. Some difficulties and failures are often life lessons. The question is, will we become angry and disenchanted or can we stop and reflect and conclude, “Perhaps God has a perfect plan in all this…somehow.”

Many of you know that Mary from the morning show –who is running the Columbus half Marathon–  and myself  –who plans on running the full marathon–  are encouraging our listening audience to run with us and, if you can, help raise funds for the station’s mission and ministry component.

Check us out on the web, become a River Runner and find out when and where Mary and I are running at

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