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No More Cupcakes

Just when I thought we had a routine down, a HOLIDAY shows up!  I hope you all enjoyed your day off – we sure did.  But it also made things a little more difficult, because I didn’t have my usual Monday to sort of ease into and get things ready for the week.  So when Tuesday showed up, we (okay, Big J) was scrambling to pick up yet another birthday cake.

In our home, we have what I affectionately refer to as Birthday Season.  It conveniently falls around the same time as the back-to-school rush.  Somewhere between re-stocking an entire wardrobe (because those pesky kids keep growing) and filling out a ba-zillion forms, we celebrate five birthdays.  Five.

And of the new school rules, this year includes a prohibition on birthday tasty treats for school because of the risk of allergic reactions to foodie stuff.  This means no more delivery of cupcakes with 4-inch tall neon blue frosting.  Which I have to admit makes me kind of sad…okay, okay…I get it.

 But I like cupcakes(she said in a whiny voice)

So with two birthdays in the past two weeks and one more to go before the month’s end, I’ve had to put on my thinking cap to come up with non-food items to give out to classmates.  I set a limit of $20 – which makes me roll my eyes if I think too hard about it.

First we hit Dealz, which has some good bulk item choices.  We got glo-bracelets and flinging monkeys for Miss J’s class, and squirt rings, stickers, and fake mustaches for Miss H’s class.

I guess the mustaches were a big hit.

But that pretty much tapped out what we liked in Dealz’s product line.  So I feel like I’m back to square one.  I checked out Oriental Trader and there are some real possibilities there, but I’m also subject to purchasing in quantities of 50 or more.  Maybe I should start a co-op.

But then I remembered something from my mommy past.  My oldest two went to a school whose librarian set up a birthday book club thing where you could purchase and donate a book to the school library.  She had this fancy bookplate that would go in the front giving credit to your child’s birthday, too.  It was really kind of cool.  Not as exciting as the instant gratification of mile-high blue neon frosted cupcakes…but… idea with longevity.

Unlike the flinging monkeys and fake mustaches, a book can be enjoyed by so many other kids over the course of a lot years.  The responsible, book-junky mom in me really, really likes the idea.  Fun mom, however, still loves the idea of watching a bunch of highly imaginative kids run around at recess with fake mustaches.

So I’m wondering – are there any other moms in the same cupcake liner right now?  What have you done?

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